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Theodore and Tilly-Bear is a trademark of and are based on original characters created by
Lance Micklus of Essex Junction, Vermont.

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Every teddy bear has a story to tell about how it was given to someone to bring joy into their lives. These are Theodore and Tilly-Bear's own story and it even includes a picture of their birth certificate. There's also the special story of Tiny Ted who is Theodore and Tilly-Bear's own teddy bear. On these pages are all kinds of things to read. If you like teddy bear stories, this is the place to go. It's time to turn up the fun! There are pictures to color, things to cook, and games to play.
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Puzzles are fun and educational. Our PUZZLE CHEST includes crossword, coded, word search, and anagram. They're interactive so you can play them on line. When everyone's away, the teddy bears will play. They have a blast playing games, solving puzzles, and finding surprises. Now you can join in the fun, too. We wondered all kinds of things about teddy bears so we took some polls and these are some of the things we found out..


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This unique gift shop is just for fans of Theodore and Tilly-Bear and The Teddy Bear Monastery™. There are soft blankets, pillows and pillow cases, posters, and more - all inspired by the bears themselves.

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