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Theodore and Tilly-Bear's™ Fun Site is the place where teddy bears come to play, read stories, share humor, learn about the world, and visit interesting places. There's even a Forum where the teddy bears can post message on the Web..

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The Teddy Bear Monastery™ is devoted to telling the world "Jesus Loves You". Brother Theodore is always delighted when visitors come to see his Christian art exhibit. Sister Tilly-Bear is in charge of the Monastery Library which contains stories that can inspire you or make you laugh. Plus, there is a special story of how these two teddy bears were called into this unique ministry. Membership in the monastery is FREE.

FTP Site

Explore some of our special FTP teddy bear related directories for midis, graphics, clip art, banners, and icons. There are also files for some of our sister Web sites, shown below, that share our domain name.

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Welcome to the home of Lance and Dianne Micklus, their son Tony, and his family, and teddy bears  Theodore and Tilly-Bear. Browse our many pages where you'll learn about our family, share our personal interests, and learn about our State of Vermont.

The Midnight Ride of Santa Claus

The Fourth Chime

Midnight Ride of Santa Claus

Visit our sister websites called The Midnight Ride of Santa Claus, The Fourth Chime and A Christmas to Remember. These original faith-based screenplays retell the legend of Santa Claus. It's the story you never knew. A journey you've never taken.

Vermont 4 Jesus icon

Vermont 4 Jesus brings you information about the Christian movement in Vermont, with special emphasis on the annual March for Jesus events. There is also information on many of the State's outreach ministries, and a special section of inspirational stories, Christian humor, and important resource links.


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Theodore and Tilly-Bear is a trademark of and are based on original characters created by Lance Micklus of Essex Junction, Vermont.
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