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Theodore and Tilly-Bear go on a humorous shopping expedition looking for summer clothes. Illustrated with photographs, this is an excellent story for young children to read.

A humorous short story: When Tilly-Bear accidentally hits a rabbit with her car, her brother, Theodore, comes to her rescue to save the day.

Kangaroo Bear

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This is a short story about Tilly-Bear who decides to earn some extra money by working at a zoo as a kangaroo. What would you rather be: A teddy bear or a porcupine? Tilly-Bear is certain that she'd always want to be a teddy bear. Theodore isn't so sure. Why don't you decide for yourself by reading this interesting story called How the Porcupines Learned How to be Teddy Bears Again.

Story of the Teddy Bear Monastery

This Internet Story Book tells the story of how two teddy bears named Theodore and Tilly-Bear were called to a world-wide Christian ministry. Beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs. Click on the banner above to begin your teddy bear journey. This original Christian story was written for The Teddy Bear Monastery.

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Theodore and Tilly-Bear is a trademark of and are based on original characters created by Lance Micklus of Essex Juncstion, Vermont
(c) copyright 1996-2015 by Lance Micklus - All rights reserved