Cute Bear Silly Tilly-Bear's Page

These are Miss Tilly-Bear's thoughs and helpful advice on just about anything.

Remember when Jesus feed the five thousand? Well, this version of the story
is a little mixed up.
Teddy Bears Fishing.
> The first bird of summer.
> This is what some thing cost per gallon.
> Theodore and Tilly-Bear talk about what they're going to wear on Halloween.
> Theodore and Tilly-Bear talk about what did on Halloween.
> This is Tilly-Bear's list of the world's dumbest headlines.
> How to write a book report if you're lazy.
> Theodore and Tilly-Bear were not impressed with this bass fisherman's catch.
> Silly Tilly-Bear's morning prayer.
> Tilly-Bear's Sleigh Ride.
> Silly Tilly-Bear's Christmas gift tips.
> The humorous story about trying to find the two who started the human race
for a big celebration. Anybody know where they are?

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Theodore and Tilly-Bear is a trademark of and are based on original characters created by Lance Micklus of Essex Juncstion, Vermont.
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