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Every Sunday morning, all of the teddy bears gather together in the woods for their weekly Bible Study. It was Theodore's turn to do the teaching and he decided to teach on the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. Unfortunately, Theodore forgot both his Bible and his notes, so he tried to tell the story from memory but got the story a little twisted up.

Theo sez "Jesus felt sorry for the five people who stayed to hear him preach. So, he told the disciples to gather up the five thousand fishes and two thousand loaves of bread and feed them."

Suddenly, Tilly-Bear jumped up and interrupted Theodore.

Tilly-Bear sez "That's stupid! Anybody could do that. You'd better come back next week and try telling this story again the way it says in the Bible."

Theodore knew Tilly-Bear was right. So, next week, he made sure he brought both his Bible and his notes and tried again.

Theo sez "This week I'm going to talk about Matthew 14:13-21. After Jesus had taught the people he saw they were very hungry. So, he got five loaves of bread and two fishes and fed five thousand men plus the women and children. I bet Tilly-Bear couldn't do that."

Tilly-Bear sez "Of course I could. Anybody could do that. All you have to do is take the leftovers from last week and feed it to all the new people who came this week."

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Theodore and Tilly-Bear is a trademark of and are based on original characters created by Lance Micklus of Essex Juncstion, Vermont.
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