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  • This was a special day, a special party, with special friends. Theodore celebrated his sixth birthday (May 6th), Tilly-Bear her fifth birthday (May 10), and their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Bear, their sixth wedding anniversary (May 15th), width:600;;height:450
  • The cake had six candles on it - even though it was Tilly-Bear's fifth birthday. It was a chocolate fudge cake. After everybody sang each other HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, the candles were blown out and it was time to open the gifts. width:600;;height:450
  • Theodore, shown here with his friend Christopher, got a set of garden tools - spade, shovel and rake - that were just his size. width:338;;height:450
  • Tilly-Bear also got her wish and received a soft-cover book that illustrates the story of the Teddy Bears' Picnic. width:600;;height:450
  • width:600;;height:450
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