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INSTRUCTIONS: To use one of the images below, first click on the image you wish to select. The images will download to your screen. Next, click on the FILE menu located on the top left corner of your browser's screen. Select SAVE AS, then save the image in the directory were you keep the HTML file it will be added to. Add the following lives of code to your HTML file to use the graphic and create a link back to the First International Church of the WEB:

<A HREF="http://ficotw.org"><IMG BORDER="0" ALIGN="Middle" SRC="graphicname" WIDTH="width" HEIGHT="height"></A>

For example, to use the graphic below

CROSS7  graphicname=CROSS7.GIF  width=118  height=150

you would place the following code in your HTML file:

<A HREF="http://ficotw.org"><IMG BORDER="0" ALIGN="Middle" SRC="CROSS7.GIF" WIDTH="118" HEIGHT="150"></A>

TIP: Changing the value of BORDER from 0 to a value of 2 will put a link border around the graphic like the CROSS7.GIF graphic above. Try it both ways and decide which way you think looks best on your WEB page.

TIP: You can also download any of the images on this page from our FTP site at http://j4tb.com/ftp/ficotw/webstuff/.

QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS: In most cases, it is a typo such as a missing space or quotation mark. Your line of code should look like the example above. If you still can't resolve the problem, E-Mail me by clicking HERE and I will try to help. Be sure to include the URL address where your graphic is located so I can visit your site and try to determine what the problem is.

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