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Animated FICOTW banner 400x40

animated GIF, size 16k, with transitions (fades and wipes)
graphicname-FCWANIBA.GIF width=400 height=40


animated GIF, size 6k, with cut transitions
graphicname-FCWANIBT.GIF width=440 height=40


animated GIF, size 10k, theme is "become ordained minister FREE"
graphicname-FCW480AB.GIF width=468 height=60


animated GIF, size 11k, of three fold ministry with cuts and transitions (droping letters)
graphicname-3FOLDMINAB.GIF width=468 height=60

Flag Animation Banner

animated GIF, size 12k, of the World Evangelism Flag blowing in the wind
graphicname-FCWFLAGAB.GIF width=468 height=60

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