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Just 4 Teddy Bears (tm) - Just 4 Teddy Bears is the home center of Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Funsite, Teddy Bear Monastery, the Micklus Family, and Vermont 4 Jesus


2017 Free Printable and Pocket Calendars - Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Free 2017 Downloadable or Pocket calendar


Marriage Ministry - This is one of the most important yet overlooked ministries. The article includes step by step instructions on how to put a wedding together, along with complete wedding ceremonies.


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Free Screen Savers - Free screen savers for FTP downloading.


Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Fun Site (tm) - Teddy bear theme site: Theodore and Tilly-Bear bring you teddy bear stories, games, humor, and fun.


Bear Biographies - Every teddy bear has a story to tell about how it was given to someone to bring joy into their lives. These are Theodore and Tilly-Bear's own story and it even includes a picture of their birth certificate. There's also the special story of Tiny Ted who is Theodore and Tilly-Bear's own teddy bear.


Fun Stuff - It's time to turn up the fun! There are pictures to color, things to cook, and games to play. It's all FREE. No ads. No sign ups. Just play.


Silly Tilly-Bear's Page - Definition: Fishing

Past Polls - Past polls from Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Fun Site.


Playroom - This is what teddy bears do when they want to have fun. They play games, solve puzzles, and sing songs about picnics.


Photo Finder - Use Theodore's picture magnifier to hunt for items in his pictures.

Teddy Bears' Picnic - Sing along to the words and music to The Teddy Bears' Picnic.


Puzzle Chest - Puzzles are fun and educational. Our PUZZLE CHEST includes crossword, coded, word search, anagram, and mazes.


Things to Read - On these pages are all kinds of things to read. If you like teddy bear stories, this is the place to go. You'll also find the biographies of Theodore and Tilly-Bear here.


Lance's Place - Dianne's Space - Lance and Dianne Micklus personal interests and stories.


Astronomy - Lance began taking an interest in astronomy in 1985 when Halley's Comet flew by the Earth. There are several photographs of the night sky taken with only a tripod mounted camera.


The Day of Devastation - The Day of Devastation is a beautifully illustrated Power Point which Lance uses to share the story of surviving a life-threatening experience.


Dianne's Little Honda - Dianne's 1981 Honda Passport - the motorcycle that was immortalized by The Beach Boys hit Little Honda. There are pictures of this bike before it was sold, and a 2007 YouTube of Dianne riding her bike.


Kites - Kites are great to fly and thrilling to see in the sky. On this page you'll find pictures, descriptions, and a special section on kite flying tips.


Slovakia Photo Journal - March 2007 - In March 2007, Lance and Dianne went to Europe to meet the rest of their family that lives in Slovakia. This is the photo journal of that trip.


Lance's Motorcycles - Photographs of Lance's Suzuki C50T motorcycle. There's also a YouTube video showing Lance riding his older Suzuki GZ250 through Essex Junction, Vermont.


Family Photo Album - Our family photo album has pictures of Lance, Dianne, Tony, and many other people who are a special part of their lives. Pictures include Lance Micklus, Inc., Lance's first wife, Dolores, and, of course, Tony as a baby.


Dawn to Dusk - Burlington, Vermont - This is a photo documentary of the city of Burlington, Vermont. See it's people, homeless children, families, and friends as they really are


Baby Di - Here she is folks - from eight weeks old to her years in the convent.


Dutch Gardens Spring 2003 Intervale Road, Burlington. Vermont - These are photo albums of the many flower on display at Dutch Gardens in Burlington, Vermont.


Dutch Gardens - Summer 2003 A Color Burst of Flower for the 4th of July - These are photo albums of the many flower on display at Dutch Gardens in Burlington, Vermont.


Independence Day 1999 - Get close up and feel the thrill of the fireworks at Perkins Pier on a Fourth of July holiday.


Fireworks 2003 Burlington, Vermont - Get close up and feel the thrill of the fireworks at Perkins Pier on a Fourth of July holiday.


Tilly-Bear's at Gabbi's - Photographs of Tilly-Bear's Christmas Sale at Gabbi's Hardware


Waterbury Flea Market 1998 - Photographs of the Waterbury Flea Market 1998


Ice Storm 2013 - December 22, 2013 a severe ice storm in Vermont leaves a coat of ice on trees and inflatable lawn ornaments.


68 Richfield Village - Lance's most vivid childhood memories are of the years the family lived at this Clifton, New Jersey address.

Lance's Baby Pictures - Lance from age minus 1 month to 12 years old. Plus, a 1952 recording of Lance's voice made on an arcade record machine.


Lance, Delores, and Tony: 1960's - Dolores is Lance's first wife. This collection includes their graduation pictures, as well as pictures of their son, Anthony (Tony).


Lance Micklus Inc. - Lance started this company in 1979. Working exclusively with the Radio Shack TRS-80, he pioneered the concepts of communication using a personal computer on which Internet is based today.


Micklus Men - Meet grandfather Micklus, and Lance's father and mother in this historic look back in time. There's also a collection of songs from Grandpa Micklus' 78 rpm record collection.


A New Beginnings - Lance's natural parents divorce and each remarries. The new step parents and their daughters are part of a new chapter covering 1956 to 1980. There's also an audio clip of three year old Tony and his father singing and make animal sounds.


Radio & Television Broadcaster - Starting as ham radio operator K1RCY, this is the story of Lance's broadcasting career. This page includes air checks of Lance's mentor, Jack Spector of WPTR, and Lance, himself, at WTVB/WANG in Coldwater, Michigan.


Vermont City Marathon Burlington, Vermont May 30, 2004 - Vermont City Marathon, Inc. promotes running as a life long activity. Each year they put on a marathon and marathon relay that's one of the largest in New England. These are photos from that race.


Vermont Scenic Photos - This collection includes several beautiful pictures of Lake Champlain. Also shots of the 1998 Ice Storm.


Vermont Scenic 2 - The theme for this series of photographs is When Fall meets Winter. These photographs were taken the end of October and early November 2002


Wedding Party - This group of photos introduces their parents and members of the wedding party.

Fun Time - After the I DO's, the fun begins. Pictures from the honeymoon include a surprise photo of them in bed.

The Wedding - On Feb. 28, 1981 Lance and Dianne were married in their home. These are photos of the wedding.


Christmas Lights in Vermont December 2002 - See some of the Christmas decorations from around our neighborhood here in Essex Junction, Vermont with a photo album of outdoor holiday lighting.


Teddy Bear Monastery Story - This Internet Story Book tells the story of how two teddy bears named Theodore and Tilly-Bear were called to a world-wide Christian ministry. Beautifully illustrated with stunning photographs.


Interesting Reading - This is a Christian resource of humorous stories and words of inspiration.


Free Screen Savers - Free screen savers for FTP downloading.

Site Map Fixes - Site Map Fixes


Teddy Bear Monastery (tm) - Children's Christian outreach ministry telling the world Jesus Loves You, hosted by Theodore and Tilly-Bear.


Theodore's Art Exhibit - Theodore's Art Exhibit - Telling the world Jesus Loves You, Theodore's Art Exhibit is a display of Christian clip art and photos.


Vermont March Reports - The March for Jesus in Vermont as told in pictures from 1997 to 2000.


MFJ 1998 Banner Picture - Photos of the 1998 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus showing many of the banners.

Vermont 1997 Burlington March - Photos of the 1997 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus.

Jesus Day 2000 Photos Part 1 - Photos of the 2000 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus - Part 1.

Jesus Day 2000 Photos Part 2 - Photos of the 2000 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus - Part 2.

MFJ 1998 Kids Pictures - Photos of the 1998 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus focusing on the children who marched in the parade.

MFJ 1998 March Pictures - Photos of the 1998 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus showing the actual parade.

MFJ 1999 Photos Part 1 - Photos of the 1999 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus - Part 1.

MFJ 1999 Photos Part 2 - Photos of the 1999 Burlington, Vermont March for Jesus - Part 2.


Teddy Bear Monastery(tm) Weather Center - Get the current weather conditions and the forecast for Theodore and Tilly-Bear's Teddy Bear Monastery.