Teddy Bear Monastery
Theodore's Art Exhibit
Theodore and the  Ocean
Tilly-Bear on Cruise Ship
Formal Bear Pose
Birthday Cake for the Bears
Portrait of the bears
Fair Haven, Vermont Welcome Center
Theodore and Tilly-Bear Pillows
Let Your Light Shine
Theodore and the Earth
Sleigh Ride
Santa Theodore's Winter Playground
Mrs Santa Tilly-Bear
Santa Theodore
Santa Bears
Bears Around the Xmas Tree
Bears bearing gifts
Looking at the tree lights
Bears under the Tree
Snow Shovelers
Sled Ride
Tilly-Bear in the snow
Winter Clothes
Pink Flamingo
Valentine's Day
Edge of the Garden
Tending to the plants
Our Flower Garden
Sea of Flowers
Tilly-Bear exploring the forest
Theodore against a tree
Enjoying Summer
Summertime Bears
Looking Cool
Waterbury Train Station
Over Watered Plants
Sunapee, NH
August Skies
Halloween Bears
Witch Tilly-Bear
Teddy Bear Monastery on Fire
Welcome To Chuch
Holy Spirit Tilly-Bear
Praying over a bear
Gathered In Prayer
Tilly-Bear Praying
Monastery Bears Seated
Preaching to the Congregation
Theodore Preaching