Vermont Scenic

Stave Island

This 1995 photo of Stave Island on Lake Champlain shows the magnificent colors of early fall enhanced by the color of the sun late in the day.

Mallets Bay Shoal

This is an opening in the shoal between Lake Champlain and Mallets Bay. Many years ago, a train track crossed this opening. Now, only the remnant of the track bed remains and this section is now opened up to allow sailboats to pass from the bay to the lake. This photo was taken in early Fall of 1996.

Colchester Boat Launch

The colors of early Fall of 1996 in sharp contrast to the black and white boat moorings creates a interesting picture of sharp lines and hues that forecast the starkness of the coming winter. The photo was taken at the Colchester, Vermont boat launch.

Perkin's Pier sunset

This 1997 photo of a late summer sunset was taken at Perkin's Pier in Burlington, Vermont. Across the lake are the mountains of New York State silhouetted by the setting sun.

Ice Storm - Fallen tree limb

The ice storm of January 1998 was the worst of the century. Countless trees fell dropping power lines faster than crews could repair them. This fallen limb left residence in Essex Junction, Vermont without power for about eight hours.

Ice Storm beauty

The ice storm of 1998 also created surreal scenes like this entrance to an apartment complex in South Burlington, Vermont.

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