This collection of photos taken by Lance and Dianne Micklus was taken as part of a project sponsored by Vermont Media Production to document a day on the streets of Burlington, Vermont. We shot over 800 images of the homeless, children and their parents, delivery men, couples, friends, and the many men and women who make Burlington, Vermont their place of work.

Our original goal was to shoot one entire day of city life on Friday, August 29, 2003. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and it began to rain late in the afternoon. This forced us to capture something we hadn't planned on: A city under cover during the rain.

Having missed our chance to photograph some of the night life on Friday, we came back on Monday, September 1st, Labor Day. It was a holiday. The mood was festive. There was a bike race through the city, children playing, and people spending time with friends.

This is their story.

Dianne's Photographs: Friday Morning and Afternoon

Lance's Photographs: Friday Morning and Afternoon

Dianne's Photographs: Monday Afternoon

Lance's Photographs: Monday Afternoon

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