Lance's Suzuki Mototcycles

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In 2013 Lance bought this Suzuki VL800 C50T motorcycle. Its 805 cc engine develops 52 horsepower. It gets
46 miles per gallon. The bike comes with saddle bags. Lance added the Kuryakyn Ultra Tour Bag 4148 and a
Saddlemen R850 Roll Bag - so there's plenty of storage. On the handlebar is a Garman Nuvi 1250 GPS that's
mounted inside an Arkon SM032 Bicycle and Motorcycle Handlebar Mount. The GPS is powered by a
Motorcycle Gadgets 12 volt cigarette outlet - which can also charge Lance's cell phone. Finally, there's a
Cycle Case Compact GPS Tank Bag from the Motorcycle-Superstore.

This 2012 YouTube video shows Lance riding his 2003 Suzuki GZ250. This bike has a
250 cc single cylinder engine that delivers around 20 horsepower. Gas mileage is over 60
miles per gallon.

The video was recorded using a GoPro Hero 2 mounting nine different ways. Notice how
each camera angle picks up the sound differently. The ride was through Essex Jucntion,
Vermont and was taken July 31, 2012 when it was very hot and sunny. Lance's wife,
Dianne, was using her Honda Passport as the chaser bike.

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