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From 1979 to 1983 Lance's ST80 communication products began to define the Internet itself. The picture of the Computer Mouse (shown in the icon above) was the company logo.

Starting with William B. Williams of WNEW, trace Lance's broadcasting career using the air name of Lance Michaels. Hear air checks from Lance's mentor, Jack Spector of WPTR, as well as Lance, himself, at WTVB/WANG in Coldwater, Michigan.

Check out these photos of Lance's Suzuki C50T motorcycle that show how he made it his own. There's also a fascinating YouTube video showing Lance riding his older Suzuki 250GT through Essex Junction, Vermont.

Then enjoy watching Dianne ride her 1981 Honda Passport.

On February 27, 2007, Lance, Dianne, Theodore, and Tilly-Bear flew to Slovakia to see their family in Europe. This is the photo journal of that trip.
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The Day of Devastation comes into everyone's life. On December 8, 2012, while playing Santa Clause, The Day of Devastation came into Lance's life and nearly killed him. Based on his lecture at Monclair State University in New Jersey, Lance uses a beautifully illustrated Power Point to share the story of his experience and how he survived.

From baby pictures to wedding photos, these are some of Lance and Dianne's most memorable moments.

Also included in the collection of pictures are photos of ice storms, Vermont scenery, fireworks, and The Vermont City Marathon.

Lance began taking an interest in astronomy in 1985 when Halley's Comet flew by the Earth. It's a hobby he still enjoys to this day. Here you'll find a few of Lance's favorite WEB sites for stargazers at the beginner to intermediate level.

Lance discovered a company that sold kites. Not those cheap Stop And Shop rigs, but real high quality hobby kits. These kites are great to fly and thrilling to see in the sky. On this page you'll find pictures, descriptions, and a special section on kite flying tips.

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