Sudoku: Beginner's Level

To solve this puzzle all you need to know are first four letters of the alphabet - and it's as easy as A B C D.

Here's how to play: There are four boxes, outlined in black. Inside each of the four boxes are four squares. Your first goal is to place each of the four letters of the alphabet in each of the squares in a box - but you can only use each letter once. Here's the catch: The same letter cannot appear more than onces in any row or column.

Put your mouse over the box in row 2 and column 2. Click the left mouse button to highlight the square. Three of the letters of the alphabet are already in the box. Only the letter D is missing. Press the letter D on your keyboard to fill it in. Now all four letters of the alphabet are in the top-left box.

Now come down to the square in the lower left of the box at row 4 and column 1. Press the left mouse buttom to highlight that square. Now we need to figure if A B or D goes in this square. If you try putting the letter B in the square (press the letter B on your keyboard), the computer won't let you. It's illegal because there's already a letter B in both that row and that column. For the same reason we can't put a letter A there. The letter C is already being used in the box. The letter D is the only choice left, so the solution must be the letter D.

Continue like this and, when you've found all of the letters that go in each square, you've solved the puzzle.

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