Word Search Puzzle

HOW TO SOLVE THE WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: On the right side of the puzzle is a list of seventeen words that are the names of colors. Each of these colors appears somewhere in the puzzle. The words might go down, across, or diagonally. Do you see all of the colors on the list?

For example: Place your mouse on the letter C at the top left corner of the puzzle. Press the left mouse button down. While holding the left button down, move the pointer on your computer hoizontally to the right acorss the letters O B A L T. As you do this, a lasso will capture each of the letters. Stop when you come to the letter T and release the mouse button. The name of the color COLBALT will be inside the lasso and you've solved one word in the puzzle.

In this same manner continue until you solve all the words in the puzzle.

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