"A" Words Coded Puzzle

HOW TO SOLVE A CODED PUZZLE: In a coded puzzle, all of the letters have been replaced by numbers. For each letter in the puzzle, there is a number. If a letter appears more than once, the number for that letter remains the same every where in the puzzle.

This puzzle is made up of words that all start with the letter "A". Notice that all of the words in the puzzle have the number 21 in the first square of that word. So, we would guess that the number 21 represents the letter "A". Click on any square where you see the number 21 and press the letter "A". The computer will put a letter "A" in every square numbered 21.

Click on any square with the number 14. Press the letter "D". The computer fills-in all square numbered 14 with the letter "D" and reveal the first word of the puzzle which is the word ADD.

In this same manner continue substituting the remaining letters for numbers until all of the words in the puzzle reveal themselved.

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