3-D Bears

Wear your 3-D RED/BLUE glasses to see the images on this page.
Red on the left, blue on the right.

Santa Bears

At Christmas time, Theodore and TillyBear Dress up like Sanata and look like this.

4 Bears in 3-D

From left to right (front) is Theodore, Mr. & Mrs. Bear, and behind them in the back is Tilly-Bear.

Theodore and Tilly-Bear

In this picture Theodore is wearing his fishing outfit while Tilly-Bear wears her sewing dress.

Now Theodore and Tilly-Bear go fishing on their boat.

The best way to ride in a car is to sit on the glove box lid.

These next photos were taken on the picnic ground of the rest area on I-89 in Springfield, New Hampshire.

These 3-D photos were taken in the garden.

Need 3-D viewing glasses? If you saved your 3-D red/blue glasses from watch the moview Spy Kids 3, you can use those.
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Teddy Bear Playroom

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