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Tilly-Bear: Theodore, what are you going to wear on Halloween?

Theodore: I'm not going to wear anything so I can be a bear.

Tilly-Bear: You're supposed to scare people by wearing something spooky, not running around naked acting like yourself!

Theodore: What are you going to wear that'll scare people? Your attitude?

Tilly-Bear: I'm going to dress up as a JOB and visit all the lazy people. That ought to be scary.

Theodore: Well, the way things are these days, that outfit better be bullet proof.

Witch Did you hear about the witch who looked at herself in the mirror for the first time? It was a shattering experience.

Turn Back Buttom

Theodore and Tilly-Bear is a trademark of and are based on original characters created by Lance Micklus of Essex Juncstion, Vermont.
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