Saturday, May 17, 2003
Julie and Marty Bascomb

7:00 p.m. - We prayed for revival on Church Street and that it would be a sanctuary for this city. We also prayed for Burlington Street Ministries. We started by praying at ONE Church Street. We found a bench that faces down Church Street.

We prayed for the kids going to Prom tonight, that are walking up and down the streets.

We prayed for a senior adult that has been moving from bench to bench. We prayed that he would not keep walking away from You.

We prayed for the children on the street.

We prayed for the Unitarian Church, that God would bring someone to preach the Word no matter what the consequences.

Dear Lord, I pray that this season people would see Dave and those involved in street ministry differently. I pray that the penetrating light of Christ would illuminate like never before. I pray that hurting people that have seen Dave several times before would see something differently. The foul, hurtful words that are yelled in the streets would cease as the love of Christ would pour out on the streets.

We prayed for the "dancing girl."

As we watch people, we pray they would find Jesus. We pray that they would see His light shining through Burlington Street Ministries, and that their lives would be changed forever. I pray that the "dancing girl" would begin dancing for Jesus. I pray that Your Spirit would fill this place.

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