Friday/Saturday, May 16-17, 2003
Steve Jaramillo & Don Lyons

Steve: Don and I and Dennis walked down from fresh ground coffee house to the corner of Maple where the COTS shelter stands. We stopped by Alfredo's and prayed for all the people steeped in darkness. We also prayed for the homeless people residing at COTS shelter. We entered City Hall Park and noticed no activity but were mindful of the drug dealing that takes place by day.

Don: I always feel a little empty when I pray on the street during Spring Fling. So many people getting drunk and getting high on drugs. It may be just a phase in their lives, but it also may be a continuing lifestyle. I pray even now that it may not be so. I pray that those newly graduated students will find purpose in the presence of their Maker.

Steve and I prayed over the whole city and all its people, including the students. We prayed the people who walk through City Hall Park, especially, will feel Your presence and that it will make a difference in their lives.

Steve: Toward the end of our shift we witnessed a middle-aged woman sleeping, sitting on a bench by the bus stop. Shortly thereafter three college boys proceeded down Church Street singing "Ring of Fire," probably in honor of June Carter, who passed away today. We then saw the woman again, headed in the same direction, with the blanket wrapped around her. Don and I assumed she might have been homeless because she had a bag of stuff with her. We prayed for her safety and for a warm place for her to spend the night.

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